About The Chief

The Story…

     Born & raised in southwest Atlanta, Lamar graduated high school in 1980. After discovering an affinity for electronics while taking the ASVAB, he enlisted in the United States Navy in 1982. Upon completion of his Electronics Technician schools, he reported aboard a destroyer in San Diego for a 3-year tour that took him to exotic places like Australia, Thailand and even Papua New Guinea. He received orders to the telecommunications station in Naples, Italy as their satellite communications tech and transferred in 1986.

     He was assigned to a co-ed barracks, at which worked a snarky Navy enlisted woman who immediately became his arch-nemesis. They became instant adversaries, determined to make each other miserable. On a dare, they made a road trip together to Italy’s east coast… and it was on that trip that they realized they had a lot more common than they imagined. Within a very short time, they were in love and running together: exploring the Italian countryside, enjoying fantastic food, wine and scenery.

     1989 came all too soon and they were both up for orders. Lamar returned to the U.S. to another destroyer out of Norfolk, Virginia; while Donna went east to Crete, Greece. He was miserable without her: he took a week’s leave and bought round-trip airfare to Crete just to see her… for three days. When she was assigned to a small base 20 miles from Norfolk, Lamar seized the opportunity to propose to her.

     Lamar and Donna were married in December 1990. His ship deployed to the Middle East during Operation Desert Storm. Upon their return, Lamar & Donna wasted no time starting their family: in 1992, son Christopher was born; their daughter Athena completed the family in 1993. Donna, a senior  Navy Culinary Specialist, chose to end her Navy career and raise their children.

     The entire family relocated to the Middle East in 1996 and, while assigned to the telecommunications station in Bahrain, Lamar was advanced to Chief Petty Officer in 1998. He was elevated to Plans Officer (a mid-grade officer position) and oversaw the design, construction, and activation of over $20 Million in critical telecommunications upgrades for the Middle East region. All projects were completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

     By the time Lamar retired from the Navy in 2002, he and Donna had traveled to 22 countries and 26 states.

     Their service to the nation taught them three valuable lessons that served them well in life: (1) good projects don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan; (2) you get what you inspect, not what you expect; and (3) ALWAYS take care of your people, and they will take care of you.

     Among his awards and decorations are three Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medals; three Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medals; two Southwest Asia Service Medals; and the Kuwaiti Liberation Medals of both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. He refers to his five Navy Good Conduct Medals as “twenty years of not getting caught”.

     In 1994, Lamar co-authored the book “Truth or Myth: Deception of the Ages” with Dr. Jimmy Graham. The book served to unravel the many myths and misconceptions that have, over the millennia, evolved around the most influential and controversial person in human history… Jesus Christ. The book is out of print and copies are very scarce.

     Now adults, Chris and Athena have gone on with their lives; as empty-nesters, Lamar and Donna enjoying volunteering and traveling. While they still trade loving barbs to stay sharp, they’re more crazy in love with each other than ever before. Donna pursues her passion of fly fishing with various groups, including Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing; while Lamar pursues his passion of writing with books, editorials, articles and press releases. They actively volunteer in their community and at  their church, with local civics and veterans’ organizations.