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G. Lamar Wilkie

G. Lamar Wilkie is a retired U.S. Navy Chief and mushy, romantic husband of his Darling Bride Donna since 1990. Together they have two grown kids, son Christopher and daughter Athena. He wrote a book for each of them when they were young; both books are now published. He enjoys writing; music; is active in church, local civics, and veterans’ organizations. He and Donna share a passion for helping others. And for each other.

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What IS America?

We have been a country since 1776 when our forebears, in a desperate act of what some would consider treason, threw off the chains of oppression from their tyrannical government and declared independence. After a long war, they obtained independence and set about the...

Loyalty Day

While there are many in our country who simply want to enjoy the freedom and liberty that comes with being an American, it’s crucial to understand that such benefits come at a cost. Part of that cost is understanding how that freedom and liberty was secured; and what...

Yes, two in progress

I haven't given up on the audiobook version of A Man's Guide to Babies... really! It's a work in progress: after recording everything, however, I have to set all the audio levels so you, gentle listener, won't strain to hear some parts - only to have other parts blow...